A blogging break

Tuesday evening intervals- the view

Tuesday evening intervals- the view

I’m taking another break from blogging.

Ten years ago, long before social media, my original blogging motive was to share our South Pacific sailing adventures with friends and family. For a few years after that, except for sharing photographs of other travels, I didn’t post very often. Then, as I got deeper into photography, especially nature photography, my blog became a place of my own to share photographs. In 2012 I began running again and blogging became a sort of motivational aid. Last year blogging helped keep me focused through my running injury. When I resumed training a few months ago I began writing about running again.

But lately I’ve been questioning my reasons for blogging and I haven’t come up with a good one. My running is going well and I’m excited about my big marathon goals. It’s just that now I can’t seem to find the motivation or the time to do a good job of writing about it.

I’m on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Instagram. All of my training is on Strava. I really don’t need to blog. But my blog is kind of like a much altered favourite old coat–we’ve shared a lot and it is hard to part with it.

In September we’ll be travelling to Africa for a month, where I’ll continue my training. No doubt my experiences running in Africa will be blog-worthy. And I know I will want to write about my Seattle Marathon experience in November, and my Comrades Marathon next May. So this probably isn’t the end of my blog.

If I do come back I’ll use Facebook and Twitter to post links to my race and trip reports.
-Bye for now.

p.s. I’ve been messing about with some of my blog’s template code and the comment function has gone wonky. I’ll figure it out eventually but for now, the best way to contact me is on the About/Contact page.

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Training update-19 weeks to the Seattle Marathon

I’m happy with my new faster paces but last week was another low total distance week- just 46 kms, less than 30 miles. Running the 10K Summerfast on Saturday meant I had to take things easy before the race, and then I thought it best not to do my usual Sunday long run.

Another kind of cross-training and a reason for running less this week.

It has been a few weeks since I’ve been to interval training. My reasons were partly logistical, but mostly I was being cautious. My new running rules include: Continue reading »

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Summerfast 2014 10K- Race Report

Saturday was the 27th annual Summerfast 10K, and it was great to run it again after 25 years. I had registered for last year’s race but a bad summer cold had kept me away.

The Summerfast is my favourite 10K: club-organized, with just a few hundred entrants, run on a beautiful, fast, and familiar course around the Stanley Park seawall. There is good participation by local elites, including many familiar, and inspirational masters runners. No t-shirt or wasteful bling. Instead, you get lots of photographs and video– not always pretty (in my case anyway) but very helpful for analyzing running technique. The organizer of this wonderful race is the Vancouver Falcons Athletic Club (VFAC). Not only are VFACers very fast runners, but their homemade baked goodies served at the finish are legendary. Continue reading »

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Hill training inspiration

My hilly island run today was partly powered by New Balance’s short inspirational Comrades video. As you can see, hill training is key to a successful Comrades finish. This is indeed the ultimate human race, and you will see every type of runner on the extremely tough course. One old guy in the video is running his 45th. It is all about challenging yourself and sharing the experience with your running comrades.  Continue reading »

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Summer on the island

Vancouver is having a heat wave and so we are spending as little time as possible in the city. I’m hoping things will cool down before this Saturday’s Summerfast 10km race around the seawall.

My running is going well. Week 11 of my new training era passed without any problems. 21 weeks to go before the Seattle Marathon. I ran 48 kms at my new scientifically-prescribed heart rate zones- i.e. at faster paces. I also did three strength sessions including a couple of hours of yoga. I have now survived three yoga classes. All the strength work I’ve been doing, even while injured, seems to be paying off. Continue reading »

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